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The olfactory bulb as the entry site for prion-like propagation in
neurodegenerative diseases
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Diabetes drug slows experimental Parkinson’s disease progression,
human trials to begin next year



Patrik Brundin Laboratory
Research in Patrik Brundin’s laboratory focuses on pathogenetic mechanisms and pharmacological treatment in cell and animal models of Parkinson’s disease. The group’s mission is to understand neurodegenerative diseases and develop new therapies that are of benefit
to patients and their caregivers.

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2017 has been a busy year so far! Dr. Patrik Brundin, director of Van Andel Institute's Center for Neurodegenerative Science and chair of the Grand Challenges committee, recently spoke during the annual National Medical Research Council Award Ceremony and Symposium in Singapore. Learn more about the event entailed here: www.nmrc.gov.sg/content/nmrc_internet/home/top_nav/events/nmrc-awards-ceremony-and-research-sympo... ... See MoreSee Less

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